Suggested Trick or Treat Guidelines for Parents


I overheard people talking during Trick or Treat last night about the appropriate ages for Trick or Treating. These are my thoughts, a few simple guidelines. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and the joy of parenting is that you get to do whatever you want with your own kid, but after some observations I made last night here are my suggestions.

0-6 months: Dress them up and stroll them around. Everyone loves a baby. Do not collect candy. You aren’t fooling anyone. That baby is barely eating solid foods.

6-12 months: Dress them up and stroll them around and try to get creative with it. The candy is for you. You need to work for it. Pull them in a wagon that you’ve made to look like a car, carriage, spaceship etc. Dress yourself up as part of the theme for an added bonus to make people feel better about giving you candy.

1-4 years old: Go for it. Dress them up, follow them around and bask in the glory of producing that adorable little angel, pumpkin, monster, superhero, princess, spider. Parenting is hard. There should be perks. We all know you are going to split that candy 10/90 when they go to bed tonight. There’s no shame.

5-12 years old: Absolutely. This is what trick or treat is all about. Take them out, have a great time, and be prepared to swindle the candy out of them  when you get home. As they get older, you will have to be a little more stealthy to get ahold of that chocolate.

13 and older: This is a grey area. I personally don’t mind handing out candy to older kids in costume. I’m all for keeping them young as long as we can. But moms, I don’t want to see you driving around your 15 year old slutty nurse. More importantly, if your 16 year old shows up at my door with no costume and a Walmart bag I’m going to laugh at you.

What are your thoughts? Any other guidelines we should consider?

One thought on “Suggested Trick or Treat Guidelines for Parents

  1. I agree completely! It also aggravates me when kids, especially the older ones, show up in a mask and street clothes. That is not a costume. Please put a little more effort into it, especially if your child is at that questionable age of are they to old?! Dressing up is what makes Halloween fun!

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