Pickin’ and Grinnin’

Why is it that when 3:00 in the afternoon rolls around I hit rock bottom- every day? All I want to do is sprawl out on the floor in my favorite pair of worn out pink sweatpants and eat an entire chocolate cake.  I’m serious. If you caught me at 3:05 and were holding a pan of brownies, I would bite you to get to them. I’m sure there is some nutritional reason for this. I didn’t get enough carbs…blah..blah…I’m an emotional eater…blah…blah but it doesn’t really matter why it happens I guess, I just have to figure out a way to fight it.

Today, I lost the battle. I flew home after work and put on said pink pants. I then ate two pieces of toast slathered in jelly, four handfuls of yogurt covered raisins, and an ungodly amount of trail mix. At the time they all sounded like healthy foods, but the word “overload” comes to mind. The worst part of it all was that I had every intention of running three miles and doing sprints- until 3:00 got the best of me.

By 5:30 I was watching another episode of Bones (have I mentioned I am obsessed with this show?) and feeling sorry for myself over my pathetic attempt at fitness today. I was contemplating a bowl of ice cream.  Right about the time I was getting myself together to run (rolling my pink pants off the couch) Jon came home and announced that we were going to pick strawberries. Yippee!

There’s a farm that sells them for $1.30 per pound and you can pick all you want. It’s become sort of a spring tradition for us. When you get there you just grab a bucket and stroll down this long lane.

And before you know it, it’s strawberry fields forever….

It amazes me how fast you can fill up a five pound bucket! I was just a pickin’ away. 

Jon likes to take his sweet time and pick out the best ones. His technique is to ravage one area, while I like to go for a little here and a little there.

We ended up with about twelve pounds of strawberries. Enough to eat and then make some jam this weekend. We’ll go back in a week or so to get quite a few more pounds. There’s a batch of strawberry wine in our near future. Delicious! My husband makes fabulous wine. He’s a keeper.

We were headed home in no time. We put the boxes in the back because it was just too tempting.

And once I got home, it was like God heard my plee for motivation and energy, because the FedEx man met me at the door…

Thank you. Thank you! I’ve been drinking tea in the mornings since I ran out of coffee. This time I signed up for Cafe Express automatic delivery so I won’t have to go without ever again. I have formed an unhealthy addiction to Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee. There is no substitute.

Life is complete again. As for the 3:00 slump, I think I found a remedy. Well, probably not, but that’s a battle I’ll live to fight another day. Looks like rain all weekend here in southern Virginia. I see coffee drinking, book reading (I got the new Sookie Stackhouse book this week. I can’t wait to dive back in to this series!), and jam making on the agenda for the next two days. Oh, I guess I’ll throw a 5K in there on Saturday to make up for all the laziness. What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy weekend?