How we Enjoy Sunday and Get Ready for the Week

I have a love affair with Sundays. I see Sunday through a water-colored lens where everything feels just a little muted and slow. Inevitably though the day fades and reality sets in. Monday is coming. Mondays are hard. The only thing harder than a Monday is every other day of the week that requires me to put on real pants and pack a lunchbox. I learned long ago that in order to survive the week, at least part of Sunday must be spent preparing.

I have a pretty consistent prep routine. I rely on it to ensure that I have a successful week. After morning coffee and snuggles I start to think about the week ahead. I pull out my calendar and meal plan and get started. I try to make a nice dinner for my family on Sunday. This is usually a whole roasted chicken or some kind of large piece of meat. I plan the week’s meals around those leftovers. If I’m making a chicken, the rest of the week may include chicken salads, fajitas, or wraps. Finding ways to reinvent leftovers saves you both time and money. Once I’ve made my plan, I make my grocery list and hit the store. As soon as I get home I start preparing what I can for the week before I lose momentum.

Today I had to do a little extra work since I’ve eaten up my supply of breakfast foods that I had stored in the freezer. My go-to breakfast is from PaleOMG.  Her Easy Breakfast Casserole truly is so simple. It’s also delicious. Once I bake it, I cut it into individual slices and freeze them in Ziplock bags. Each morning I pull one out and microwave it for one minute. One casserole gives me breakfast for twelve days. In order to get anything done, I move Reagan’s kitchen right next to mine. Kitchen work is serious business around here.

IMG_7421 (1)
She’s making “lasagna soup”, which is actually soapy water with a little dog food. Reagan has been helping in the kitchen since she could walk. I think it’s so important for kids to be a part of preparing their food. Three year old kids should be able to pour ingredients, stir, peel bananas, etc. She already knows quite a bit about cooking. We even go so far as having her help her daddy with the animals on our small farm. She helps gather eggs each day and make sure the chickens and sheep are taken care of. Although she claims her favorite way to help is by making smoothies!IMG_7420

We are starting this week off with Cranberry Citrus Smoothies from Simple Green Smoothies. It’s a zesty combo of water, spinach, frozen cranberries, oranges and a banana.

It’s important to get yourself ready for the week, but Sunday should be about spending time with loved ones and relaxing as well. We finished up the prep work and headed outside to enjoy some of these last days of summer with friends. There were water balloons to bust and adventures to be had. Isn’t that the point anyway?


What’s your Sunday routine? How do you get ready to face the week?

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