How about that Sugar Detox?

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Who quits sugar at the end of the school year when cupcakes abound and thank you gifts are full of chocolate and other amazingly delicious treats appear before your eyes? This girl. Right here. That’s me. Timing is not always my strong suit.

I wanted to fill you in on how the first week without sweets went for me. One word. Amazing! I’m serious. I didn’t want any of it. None. I even brought my favorite cupcakes to a retirement party, took home the leftovers over night, and returned them to work the next day without binging on them while I got caught up on Scandal. It’s amazing to me how one little pink drink can have that much effect on my cravings.

From the very first day I drank Plexus I simply didn’t want sugar anymore. I poured that little packet of pink powder in a glass of water before I ate breakfast and the rest is history. So what next?

Well I plan to keep taking the Plexus Slim for awhile. I love the energy it gives me and I love that I don’t have to fight that internal battle every time I see something that looks good to me. I’ve added in the Probio5 probiotic and the BioCleanse. My stomach feels good and strangely I am getting the best sleep I have had in a very long time. For my next order I’m going to add in the MegaX supplement with Omegas because the eye doctor says if I don’t start taking fish oil for my chronic dry eye syndrome it’s going to keep getting worse, but fish oil hurts my stomach and makes me burp!

Also, I’ve lost a few pounds and my tummy has started to flatten. 😉

Another unexpected thing happened…my husband started taking Plexus as well and he has stopped drinking sodas! He also told me this morning he thinks it may help him kick nicotine as well. If that happens it will be amazing! Worth. Every. Penny.

I promise the blog will not be all about Plexus, but I wanted to update you. It’s been a pretty surprising week! My friend Allison and I are taking the kids to the beach this weekend and last time we did that Reagan dove into the ocean with all her clothes on. So I’m expecting some blog material from this trip! Have a great week!

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