Christmas Cards as Prayer Reminders

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I love photo Christmas cards. Every year around the holidays I eagerly check the mailbox and find my friends and their families smiling back at me. The pictures are lovely and it genuinely warms my heart to know they have thought of our family and wanted to share a little piece of themselves with us at Christmas.

As a side note, I don’t send Christmas cards. I always imagined I would be that kind of person, but I have never been able to get myself together enough to make it happen. I hate to admit it, but we’ve never even had a family portrait done, much less put on on a card! Maybe one day….

So anyway, as the holidays end and I am rushing to de-Christmas my house I always feel a little sad about taking those Christmas cards down. This year I decided to come up with something to do with them that would be meaningful all year. I decided to hang all of mine in the laundry room. Let’s face it, it’s the one room of the house where I am usually alone and can have a moment to think. Each time I am doing a load of clothes, I choose a few families from the wall and pray for them. If there is something major going on in their lives that I know about, I specifically pray for that. If not, then I just pray generally for their family and their health. It might seem a little strange to see all my friends taped above my washing machine, but I don’t typically take guests in there so it’s rarely seen.

If you look around on the internet you’ll find lots of ideas for ways to store Christmas cards and use them as reminders to pray. I can’t take credit for the laundry room idea, but sadly I can’t remember where I read it either.  I pulled a few other ideas together for you too in case you don’t like the idea of your friends watching over your dirty laundry.

  • keep them in a pretty box and pull them out while you pray
  • punch a hole in them and connect them with an O ring
  • stash them in your Bible
  • store them in a dollar store photo album and flip through occasionally to pray
  • place them in a large jar and pull them out one per day
  • place them in an envelope and pull them out one per day
  • glue the heads of each person to a popscicle stick and have your kids help you pull one out each night and pray together for that person

I love the idea of saving the cards and I could really use the reminder to pray for others. So often I find myself centering on my own family or praying for others only when there is an urgent need. This one little change is making me much more mindful of my prayers.

Do you have any ideas for old Christmas cards? Or for prayer reminders?

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