How about that Sugar Detox?

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Who quits sugar at the end of the school year when cupcakes abound and thank you gifts are full of chocolate and other amazingly delicious treats appear before your eyes? This girl. Right here. That’s me. Timing is not always my strong suit.

I wanted to fill you in on how the first week without sweets went for me. One word. Amazing! I’m serious. I didn’t want any of it. None. I even brought my favorite cupcakes to a retirement party, took home the leftovers over night, and returned them to work the next day without binging on them while I got caught up on Scandal. It’s amazing to me how one little pink drink can have that much effect on my cravings.

From the very first day I drank Plexus I simply didn’t want sugar anymore. I poured that little packet of pink powder in a glass of water before I ate breakfast and the rest is history. So what next? Continue reading “How about that Sugar Detox?”

Deciding to Beat My Addiction


I have an addiction.  Are you picturing me hunched over some horrible drug, shaking with withdrawal, willing to fight anyone that comes between me and my fix? Well, you wouldn’t be too far off. I’m coming clean.

What’s my drug of choice, you ask? Sugar. What?! Sarah, that’s not a drug! Oh, I beg to differ. Actually sugar affects the neurological receptors in your brain. In fact studies have shown that sugar can be as addictive as many illegal drugs and the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe.

The withdrawal symptoms of sugar can include headaches, insomnia, moodiness, stomach issues, among other things. I experience all of these when I try to kick the habit. Every single time I try to clean up my diet, sugar is my downfall. About a year ago, I had kicked my habit of consuming sweets daily for about two months. I felt amazing! Then someone brought cupcakes to work. I decided just one wouldn’t hurt after all the time I had gone without them. So I ate it. Then I ate another one. Then my body began to shake and I felt sick to my stomach. With trembling hands I turned to Dr. Google to search for a way to reverse what I had done to myself. The only suggestion was to drink water and wait it out. Unfortunately the damage was done. That night I ate some candy and jumped back on the sugar express. I’m still trying to get off it. Continue reading “Deciding to Beat My Addiction”