Arrrr. Shiver Me Pinchers

My beach fantasy:

 I am strolling along a quaint beach town with my flip flops in hand and my gauzy dress billowing out behind me in the breeze. I hear only the sounds of the seagulls and the gentle crashing of the waves. It’s a quaint southern town where the locals smile and haul in the daily catch as I watch, knowing that is the fish I will have for dinner that evening at the diner where they welcome me as if I was one of them.

My beach reality:

My husband loves Myrtle Beach. I think it’s the familiarity of the place that he likes. He knows he is going to enjoy himself when he goes there, he knows exactly what he will get. It’s sort of like going to McDonald’s when you’re in a strange place because you know what the food will taste like (even if it’s not that amazing). I’m not much of a fan of Myrtle Beach, or McDonald’s for that matter, but he averages about one trip a year with me so if Myrtle Beach is what it takes to make him happy then off we go!

I really don’t mind all that much because I know that when we’re together we can make anything fun. I know, insert cheesy awwww here, but it’s the truth. So we spent four days in the bustling beach city and of course had a blast. We did compromise a bit by eating at local off the beaten path restaurants.

We were the only customers at Mrs. Fish. I will admit the place made me a bit nervous, but the grilled Grouper was really delicious as was the Flounder. Service was good and so were the prices.

My search for delicious Maryland style crab in the south has come to an end. Here was my little slice of heaven right in the middle of the Grand Strand. The food was fabulous!

Jon was only slightly appalled at the sight before him. Ok, he thought it was pretty gross. He actually quoted Leviticus at me and then called my delicious crabs an abomination. I just dipped my abomination in butter and made sure to give him an extra loud slurping noise with my next bite. 

If loving a crustacean now and then is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

On the way back from my crab feast I came to a realization- it is possible that I could someday afford my dream beach home.

I mean, who says it has to be a magnificent stilted structure overlooking the ocean? As long as I’m close to the crabs.


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